The Song Studio - Commissioned Original Music - Songs for Any Occasion

Say It With a Song!

Give the gift of original music ~ One-of-a-kind and from the heart!

Imagine commissioning a song that is written just for the special person or event in your life. The Song Studio is your source for original songs in any style, for your special occasion, for the one you love.

  • For your wedding, or marriage proposal
  • For a milestone anniversary or birthday
  • For a bat or bar mitzvah, or sweet sixteen
  • For tributes, memorials and remembrances
  • As a music video or the musical background to a video montage
  • For love, for fun, for any sentiment or occasion
  • As a unique and touching gift for the most special person in your life

Your song will be one-of-a-kind, personal, and professionally written, recorded and produced! Your commissioned song will be a creation that lasts forever, and from concept to delivery, the creative process will be tailored to your wishes and desires. Your song will be composed by a passionate and talented musician, who will work with you and make use of as much (or as little) creative input and direction as you’d like provide.

  • Ballads, pop, rock, folk, country, R&B, and more – the genre of your choice
  • In the style of any song, artist, or decade
  • Incorporating your thoughts, lyrics and musical ideas, if you desire

Your song can be presented as a professionally-packaged CD with framed lyrics, as a live performance, as a music video, or in any other way you desire.

The gift of original music will make your event or milestone truly unique, personal and memorable, and will touch the hearts of those you love, now and forever!

(c) 2006 The Song Studio, LLC