The Song Studio - Commissioned Original Music - Songs for Any Occasion

After your song has been written and recorded, DB will tailor the delivery and presentation to your wishes – all clients will receive a multi-track CD along with framed lyrics, to play and present to your loved one.  Other options for making the presentation of your song a once-in-a-lifetime event include:

  • A live performance of your song at your special occasion, with vocals over recorded music, or a full band.

:: DB will work with your DJ or band to prepare a memorable performance at your party or ceremony.

:: Some clients may choose to sing their own songs, or have DB or another vocalist perform the song, depending on the occasion and location. (DB will provide vocal and performance coaching – you can be the hero and touch the hearts of your loved one and your guests!)

  • A video production, either as a live action music video or as a photo montage, featuring you or special people in your life, with your song as the soundtrack. DB will work with your photographer or videographer, or bring in his own professional video team, depending on your wishes.

  • A one-of-a-kind painting of your lyrics for display in your home as a stunning visual and inspirational reminder of the sentiment your song conveys. DB works with a visionary and talented professional artist who creates these unique lyrical artworks.

 …or any other idea you might have!

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