The Song Studio - Commissioned Original Music - Songs for Any Occasion

The songwriting process begins with an initial consultation where you can provide as much information as you’d like about what you have in mind.  DB will ask you about:

  • the occasion for which you’re commissioning your song
  • the person or event that the song is about
  • ideas you might have about the feeling or mood you’d like the song to convey
  • favorite songs or artists that you’d like your song to emulate
  • contributions you’d like to make, such as lyrics or poetry, a melody you’ve been humming, or even a title
  • preferences you might have regarding instrumentation, male or female vocalist, etc.
  • whether you or anyone close to you wants to participate in the recording process
  • when and how you’d like your song delivered or performed.  Learn more about what’s possible.

As you can see, your song will be unique and tailored to your wishes. But don’t be overwhelmed! You don’t need answers to all these questions – DB will gladly work with as much or as little guidance as you’re able to provide.  As DB composes and begins to record your song, there will be checkpoints along the way where you will have the opportunity to listen to the work in progress and provide feedback.

How long does it take?  Typically, DB will need 2 months from initial consultation to final presentation, though shorter lead times may be accommodated.

What are the commission fees?  Fees will be based on your choice of instrumentation and song presentation. Learn more about fees.

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