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Meet DB – an accomplished and passionate musician, songwriter and performer. A creative multi-instrumentalist with a gift for songwriting, a keen understanding of what makes a song touch the listener, and a deep appreciation of what’s great about the popular styles of music that we listen to today.

DB’s belief is that the mass-commercialization of popular music has led songwriters, artists and producers to create songs that appeal to the widest audience possible, so while there are many good songs, there are so few that touch people deeply and personally.

Hundreds of years ago, the songwriters of the time (whom we now refer to as our “classical composers”) created much of their music at the request of individual patrons who commissioned musical works for specific occasions, or in honor of specific people in their lives.

DB’s vision and inspiration for The Song Studio is the desire to combine the personal focus of long ago with the musical styles of today to create truly original songs tailored to your special occasion, for your loved one. DB has a strong artistic sensibility and creative blood running deep in his veins, but most importantly, he is a pleasure to work with, and never loses sight of the wishes of his clients. 

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